May 28, 2023

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26 year old Baba Rahman 1

26-year-old Baba Rahman has said one of the profitable businesses Ghanaians can venture into is the selling of coconut.

According to him, many Ghanaians disregard such occupation due to its nature, however, the coconut business fetches him more money.

He stated that he rakes in GH¢400 in a day from selling 200 coconuts and a total of not less than GH¢7,000 in a month.

The young entrepreneur who has been in business for three years in an interview on Ambassador TV noted that he ventured into this business following the demise of his father.

He stressed that he needed to work to cater for himself while in school at the time.

“My father died when I was in school so I ventured into coconut business to take care of myself. Majority of Ghanaians don’t value coconut business and sometimes they disrespect the coconut sellers but it is a profitable business,” Baba Rahman said.

“Sometimes I can sell 200 pieces of coconuts in a day and even if I sell it Ghc4 I will get Ghc800 just a day. I can make profit of Ghc300 within a day so within a month I can make not less than GH¢7000 from my coconut business,” he stated.

The 26-year-old also bemoaned how Ghanaians berate their business, yet, coconut sellers make more money than office workers.

He said office work was stressful and limited as most employees are unable to have a side business to serve as another stream of income.

“Imagine a coconut Seller who is making GH¢5000 or GH¢6000 every month will any day choose coconut business over government work because how many government workers will take home GH¢5000 within a month,” he said.

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