March 19, 2023
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On Tuesday, a 52-YEAR-OLD man from New Cranborne killed himself after a fight with his wife.

After an argument with his 46-year-old wife Virginia Kanyimo at their home, Pasipamire Kanyimo reportedly shot himself on the left side of his head, just above the ear.

Sources told H-Metro that Virginia had told Pasipamire that she wasn’t feeling the same way about him anymore and that she wanted to be apart from him.

This made Pasipamire angry, and they got into a fight in their bedroom together.

The source said that Pasipamire shot himself after leaving Virginia unconscious and thinking that he had killed her.

It was said that Pasipamire was having trouble taking care of his family, so he left that job to Virginia.

Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, a spokesman for the Harare provincial police, said that Pasipamire’s body was taken to the Sally Mugabe Central Hospital Mortuary.

Insp. Chakanza said, “Police are looking into a case where a man is thought to have killed himself in Cranborne.”

“There was a misunderstanding between the wife and the man who has since died.

“One of the people living in the house said that the person who has since died told her he was going to shoot himself, so she ran to their neighbor for help.

“When they got home with their next-door neighbor, they found the dead man lying in a pool of blood.

“A revolver and some live bullets were found at the scene by police,” said Insp. Chakanza.

The license to carry a gun had run out at the start of January.

source ghanaweb

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