March 18, 2023
Kingdom Plus Boss reveals Actual WhatsApp Message that sacked Gh Mouthpiece from job

Kingdom Plus Boss reveals Actual WhatsApp Message that sacked Gh Mouthpiece from job

The sacking of firebrand radio presenter Gh Mouthpiece from Kingdom+ FM was orchestrated by a WhatsApp Message, Dr. Jonathan Kwame Amofa, CEO of Kingdom FM has confirmed

The presenter had alleged that she joining FixTheCountry protest online to complain about economic hardship and high cost of living under this NPP government was what led to President Akufo-Addo allegedly sending a WhatsApp message to the Kingdom FM boss to sack her.

According to Gh-mouthpiece, she was on radio when her manager drew her attention that the boss wants to see her in his office.

She went to the office only to be told that he’s been receiving calls from Afia Schwarzenegger and some politicians that she has disrespected President Akufo-Addo with a post online.

Actual WhatsApp Message

However, in a rather sharp rebuttal, Dr. Jonathan Kwame Amofa, CEO of Kingdom revealed that there was a WhatsApp message related to the sacking of Gh Mouthpiece but it was not from Akufo-Addo or anyone close to him.

Dr. Amofa revealed the WhatsApp message rather came from Gh Mouthpiece herself to a General Manager of Kingdom Plus that she wanted to resign from her job.

“Is never true President Akufo-Addo ordered the sack of Gh Mouthpiece, the truth of the matter is that she resigned from Kingdom FM citing personal reasons for her resignation which we could not stop her. Gh Mouthpiece sent a WhatsApp message to the General Manager of Kingdom FM citing her inability to continue her job in which I have WhatsApp evidence to support that, I don’t understand why she decided to bring President Akufo-Addo’s name into this issue to disgrace him. I never sacked her she resigned herself, “Dr. Jonathan Kwame Amofa told Fiifi Pratt on Accra based Kingdom FM 107.7.

The CEO warned the station’s former Presenter to stop peddling falsehood as it could block her future chances.

“Ola Michael and Gh Mouthpiece should be very careful in life because in these media jobs you don’t where you will end one day. Today you can trend on social media but one day it will affect you in your life why must you tarnish someone’s image to trend on social media? “he asked.


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