June 10, 2023
Ohene David has chopped me 37 times Joyce Dzidzor Mensah alleges 1068x601 1

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah and Ohene David’s beef has turned bloody after the former HIV/AIDS ambassador released a video yesterday to diss the self-accalime freedom fighter.

According to Joyce Dzidzor Mensah who is presumably suffering from broken heart, Ohene David chopped her 37 times before they parted ways.


She also alleged in a viral video that she bought a phone on credit for Ohene David because of the love she had for him.


Ohene David is yet to react to these chilling allegations, but his followers on the internet have resorted to raining insults on Joyce.

Infuriated Joyce, has dropped another video to totally destroy Ohene David. In compliance with a new video from the camp of Joyce that has landed on our desks, Ohene David has small manhood.

According to Joyce, the size of Ohene David’s manhood is like that of a small-sized okro.

She continued that, Ohene David can never break her heart with her small manhood and it’s only her baby daddy with huge manhood who was able to ruin her love life.

She also asserted that she has Ohene David’s nudes on her phone and she’s waiting for the right time to fully expose him.

Watch the video below to know more…

Apparently, these so-called freedom fighters have been secretly sleeping with each other and doing all sorts of naughty things but later jump on the internet to hold our leaders of moral standards.


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