June 2, 2023
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Artiste manager Bullhaus, known in real life as Lawrence Nana Asiamah, has said it was unwise for actress Jackie Appiah to show off her posh Trasacco mansion.

The man who was formerly known as Bulldog has opined that a recent viral video showing the posh exterior and interior of the magnificent residence could get the actress into trouble with the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), regarding payment of tax on the property.

Speaking on the UTV on Saturday, July 2, Bullhaus said he hopes the clip was for a commercial purpose.

”I am hoping and praying that the professional video Jackie took and put out there is for a commercial reason because what she’s done is not wise …

”The GRA does not play. That is why people don’t disclose what they have. If the Authority or law has not caught up with you, you may think there is no law in the country,” he said.

Not long ago Jackie Appiah dominated Twitter trends for hours when a video of her magnificent mansion emerged on social media.

The clip spotlighting the mansion started making the rounds online after the Nigerian actress and producer, Luchy Donald, shared it online.

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