March 18, 2023
first atlantic bank

First Atlantic Bank says news circulating about their brand and Chief Finance Offic said being sued by a former employee is fake news.

In an email sent to, the Bank’s representative, James Christopher, indicated that the information there is fake and needs to be taken down immediately.

“Greetings, We are an authorized agent representing First Atlantic Bank and they have brought the below-mentioned content to our attention, which we believe to be hosted by you. The above-mentioned URL is using our client First Atlantic Bank’s trademarked name and logo in its content and sharing fake information. This creates confusion among our client’s customers. We request this content be unregistered and removed on priority,” the email read in part.

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It will be remembered that on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, a writ of summons went viral on various social media platforms and was extensively discussed on Traditional media.

In the writ, a former National Service person had sued the First Atlantic Bank and its Chief Financial Officer who she said harassed her into dating him.

The National Service person called Deborah Adablah in the writ of summons alleged that senior managers at First Atlantic Bank sexually harass young ladies who work at the Bank adding that they are all in relationships with female workers there.

What’s even worrying is the fact that female staff are pushed to big clients in order for them to open accounts with the Bank.

Deborah Adablah is seeking eight reliefs from the first defendant

a) An order that the 1st defendant transfers title of car No. GC -7899-21 into the name of the plaintiff and or an order directed at DVLA to Register the Car No.GC-7899-21 into the name of the Plaintiff as the owner.
b) A refund of cost of repairs of Ghc10,000.00 which 1st Defendant promised to refund to the plaintiff but failed.
c) An order that the Defendants pay to the Plaintiff the following: (i) 1st Defendant pays lump sum money to the plaintiff to enable the plaintiff start a business to take care of herself as agreed by the plaintiff and the 1st Defendant.
(ii) 1st Defendant pays the remaining two (2) years rent for Plaintiff’s accommodation or to pay same amount for the remaining two (2) years at the same rate at an alternative accommodation.
(iii)1st Defendant to pay the outstanding arrears of Plaintiff’s monthly allowance from July 2022 to the date of Judgment and pay all medical expenses as a result of the side effects of the Family Planning treatment.
(iv) General damages against the Defendants.


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