June 2, 2023


The recent circulating news that has undoubtedly sparked massive stir, debates, and arguments across all social media platforms was when the USA-based Ghanaian broadcast journalist finally descended on the Akufo Addo government and the NPP’s stronghold over the country’s current economic crisis amongst other related issues.

Speaking in the most anticipated “Loud Silence Media” show, Kelvin Taylor expressed his immense disappointment in the Akufo Addo government for undermining the respect the Ashanti region has for the party aside urging individuals to put all hands on deck in other to vote against the Akufo Addo-Bawumia government cone 2024.

In addition to this, Kelvin Taylor also sends another serious message to the media personalities including Paul Adom Okyere amongst others who are willing to defend the Akufo Addo government on their respective stations over the government’s decision to finally go to the IMF.


“We will send the people to you so they ask you the difficult questions. We will use democracy to send the young men and women in Asanteman to you; did you see how Paul Adom Okyere treated a man who called on his show from Bantama in the Ashanti region? We are going to the IMF because of Akufo Addo’s mismanagement. Where is Adwoa Safo now? She is in the USA and has been paid every 30 days with taxpayers’ money. They want to also use taxpayer’s money for the National cathedral. Akufo Addo has to respect Otumfuo as a king. The media is ready to do propaganda which is why they invited Gabby Otchere to speak about the government going to the IMF. We will correct the wrong in this country.. the revolution now is bigger than the country. To allow the NPP government to lead us again, it will never happen in this country”, Kelvin Taylor emphatically revealed.


Do you think that the NPP government should be undoubtedly voted out by residents in the Ashanti region as highlighted by Kelvin Taylor even though most individuals claimed otherwise?

Do you think that the media personalities including Paul Adom Okyere shouldn’t come out to convince Ghanaians about the NPP finally going to the IMF as revealed by Kelvin Taylor even though most individuals claim otherwise?

What are your thoughts on Kelvin Taylor’s claims about the Akufo Addo government and the NPP’s stronghold, the Ashanti region that has caused massive reactions online even though most individuals agreed otherwise?

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