March 27, 2023
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Prophet Stanley Osebre-Osei has expressed outrage at the current state of the Pampawie Clinic in the Oti Region.

The man of God, who has consistently supported the clinic, is outraged that it has been neglected by authorities.

It took his intervention to donate a water tank to the hospital since they lacked access to a water facility.

In the past, pregnant women had to carry their buckets of water to the facility.

At the first donation, the poly tank got destroyed because it was not properly installed and the prophet had to replace it.

The clinic had no toilet facility, and the man of God came to their aid and even went ahead to tile the entire building.



He revealed that he intended to have the facility managed privately, but he was not given the attention he required.

According to him, he devised a strategy to have the facility handed over to him and other residents so that they could manage it privately and generate resources to keep it running effectively.

The efforts, however, were not rewarded.

He was later forced to seek assistance from other people who used to live in the area but are now living abroad in order to help the clinic.

He bemoaned the fact that his efforts yielded no results.

He made these revelations when it came to light that the facility lacked the basic equipment to make it function and was in a deplorable state.

Anti-snake venom was also in shortage at the hospital, and residents have raised serious concerns over it.

Speaking on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he stated that he is currently mobilizing to seek support so the facility will get the needed support.

“The facility which was constructed 20 years ago, is generating revenue for the government. However, they lack the needed resources to manage the clinic. The clinic did not have a toilet. I was the one who built one for them. They had no water supply. I was in charge of installing a water system in the wards and the doctor’s office.”

The man of God said his reason for taking this initiative is to ensure that the residents have holistic healthcare.

He stated that the clinic and its operations are near and dear to his heart because his brother died when they were young.

According to him, due to the poor healthcare system at the time when he was young, his brother died while he was on his way sending to the hospital over his ill health.

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