March 18, 2023
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Students of Islamic Senior High School in the Sagnerigu municipality of the Northern Region have been squatting while having dinner due to the dilapidated state of the dining hall structure.

According to a report, the dining hall is sometimes occupied by some animals due to the lack of doors and windows with broken-down louvres.
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Aside from the lack of a dining hall, lack of accommodation has become a source of worry to the students as they are compelled to sleep in congested and bed bug-infected dormitories.

These challenges they say are affecting their studies and they are therefore appealing to the government and other stakeholders to come to their aid as the school has not had a facelift for the past twenty-five years it was established.’
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The report added that the dormitory block which was originally designed to accommodate 240 students now houses over 1000 students while the population of the school keeps growing with a current population of 3000.

Female students alone make up nearly 2000 of the population.


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