March 27, 2023
Investing in land is far superior an investment compared to bonds treasury bills fixed deposits

Alhaji Kamal, Chief Executive Officer of NAMAL Real Estate, believes that land is the most valuable asset or investment one can have.

The young CEO explained that owning land is far superior to holding treasury bills, bonds, or any other type of fixed deposit.

He stated that if people want to make valuable assets, they must invest in land.

He confirmed that the perception that estate developers are wealthier is correct because they have invested in the best investments available.

He advised young people to invest in land by purchasing at least a half plot.

The value of the land he added changes, and the price can range from Ghc10,000 to Ghc30,000.

“The value of land cannot be determined. The loan’s value is determined by who is purchasing and for what purpose. It is not a bank where you can make a fixed deposit. A land’s worth cannot be determined. Someone can pay any amount for land if it serves the purpose for which they are purchasing the land.”

Meanwhile, he has argued that owning a house is a liability and that one should know how much money they make and build accordingly.



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