June 2, 2023

Former Auditor General, Daniel Yaw Domelevo is set to be part of the final team that would audit Ghana’s books before the IMF grants Ghana’s bailout to her, Captain Smart has alleged.

Captain Smart, who was putting his job on the line for the release of money from the Fund to Ghana before end of November said he is excited Mr. Domelevo would be part of the auditing team that would scrutinise Ghana’s financial accounts before the bailout is climaxed.

Daniel Yaw Domelevo was Ghana’s Auditor General who probed and was probing series of financial misappropriations and fraudulent deals the ruling government is alleged to have undertook where he was ousted on the basis of reaching the retirement age of 60.

Many blasted the government for doing that on purpose after Mr. Domelevo had said he has not reached the retirement age.

The government was suspected to have sacked him because of some investigations he was conducting which had the propensity to expose some corrupt deals in the current administration.

Speaking Friday, October 14, 2022, Captain Smart said he is elated Mr. Domelevo has been brought to the equation where Ghana would only make headway with the deal after adducing other debts the government hitherto planned keeping on the blindside of the IMF before the table.

“If the IMF gives Ghana even one dollar by 30th November, I’ll stop this work. Mark my words. I’ll plead with Auntie Bea (Group CEO of Media General) that I want to leave and resign. Even December the money wouldn’t come.

“The embassies have done a research on Ghana and until we fight galamsey, the money wouldn’t come. The world bank says you should add all the debts and come back,”

“I’m happy Domelevo is part of the auditors who would be looking into the books. The NPP businessemen are bankrupt but they can’t talk. When the thievery was ongoing and we talked they called us names. Even God didn’t create the world in humility. Excessive humility is stupidity. Talk when things are not right,” he admonished.

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