March 19, 2023
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Verena talks about how she has never had a boyfriend since she was born and how she hopes to meet her Prince Charming soon.

When she talked to Afrimax English, a 70-year-old virgin said that she has a loving heart but hasn’t been lucky enough to find a man who will love her.

Verena said that she has stayed pure for the man she will marry.

“I’m still a virgin. I’ve never been married or had a boyfriend, so I don’t know how it feels “she told me.

But she wanted to find her soul mate and get married. She said that she told her she wanted to get married when she was 20. But since she has no family and no one to help her, she worries that she might die before she gets married.

She says that she thinks men don’t like her because she’s short. And because she is a woman, she has the guts to talk to or approach a man.

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