March 18, 2023
Paul Adom Otchere1

Paul Adom Otchere says he would not waste his energy in responding to insults from Onua TV’s Captain Godsbrain Blessed Yirenkyi Smart.

According to him, Captain Smart does not read and is therefore a shallow person to engage in an intellectual argument with.

He promised to engage in intellectual intercourse with Captain Smart if only he reads and understands geopolitics of the world but until such a time, he will not give him any attention.

He made this known on Good Evening Ghana addressing some attacks on his person.

“He’s my man and I used to talk about how he wears dark spectacles in the morning so I think he has stopped. He watches our show and he sees us doing books and books so he wanted to do some but you know what happened to him? He said he read a book and that Nkrumah predicted the Russian, Ukraine war,” he said while teasing the Onua FM presenter who he says has no understanding of the geopolitics.

“I think that he’s trying to get into the book thing and we are delighted that journalists are getting into the book thing. I hope that in the next five years our current affairs program will have touch screen analysis, researching and putting out Constitutional articles, data and challenging the status quo, that’s what we have set out to do over the last four years.”

Source: MyNewsGh.

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