March 18, 2023

After the general elections on December 7th, 2024, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong hopes to replace Nana Akufo Addo with a large majority of Ghanaians’ support by making his first pledge.

During an exclusive interview with Suncity FM, Kennedy Agyapong said that he will forgo all of his salary and other perks related to the presidency.

He intends to use his income to set up a scholarship fund for the country’s less fortunate citizens, as Kennedy Agyapong has said.

There will be no wages or pegs when I arrive. I want to use my financial resources to provide scholarships for low-income students to attend college. Because I’m self-employed and have many sources of income, I don’t need assistance from the government. My business will look after my needs. I’m not going to depend on taxpayer money.

“I want to set up a presidential scholarship fund to ensure that underprivileged students have access to higher education.” A portion of my net earnings will go toward sponsoring youngsters.”

In addition, he said that after he leaves office as president, he plans to utilize his own vehicles as a presidential escort and then donate them to the state.

He also delivered a harsh warning to the ministers who would work with him as president of the nation, in the existing form of Assin Central.

When it became apparent that either the NPP or the NDC had misused public finances, he warned them that he would not hesitate to fire them.

Because it is precisely what Nana Addo promised Ghanaians before he was elected president, many Ghanaians have linked Kennedy Agyapong’s promises to Nana Addo’s manner.

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