June 2, 2023
Bra Sammy Nana Agradaas Germany based spiritual son 1

A Germany-based spiritual son of Nana Agradaa returned from his base to attend the October 13, 2022 hearing of her trial in a money-doubling scam and charlatanic advertisement case.

Agradaa, real name Patricia Asiedua, was denied bail for a second time by the court and placed into custody till the next hearing slated for Monday, October 17.

Speaking to journalists outside the courts after the court handed down its ruling o the bail application, the gentleman only known as Bra Collins, stressed that his ‘mother’ understood the trial she is going through.

He described the episode as one of mafia work whiles declining to mention possible detractors behind it. “It is all fabricated lies, when you look at the evidence brought in court, it is all lies but it is normal, she understands it.”

While he was speaking to a reporter from Kofi TV, a YouTube channel, he was interrupted by a journalist who sought to impugn his mother’s actions, it was then that he flipped and rained insults on the journalist.

“Is it the case that when putting your money in an offering bowl, you write your name in it? Hey, hey, hey, listen to me; If I am talking, you don’t talk rubbish. Am I talking to you? I said if I am talking, you don’t talk rubbish,” he charged at the journalist.

“Which church in Ghana do people give offerings with their names on the money? These are all fabricated lies,” he stressed.

Watch Bra Collins’ interview between 23rd and 26th-minute mark:

Agradaa, founder and leader of Heavenway Champion Ministries International, facing two counts of defrauding by false pretences. She appeared for the second time in court on Thursday, October 13, 2022, and was denied bail.

She had been remanded by the Accra Circuit Court on Monday for a three-day period. With the latest bail denial, she will spend the weekend in custody and reappear early next week.

Agradaa was arrested last Sunday after widespread reports that she had duped some members of her church in an alleged money-doubling scheme.

According to the victims, they attended her church and gave out their monies in various amounts after she had advertised to give them multiples of their offerings.

The charges against Agradaa, who pleaded not guilty at the court’s previous sitting, include charlatanic advertisement.

According to her, she is innocent of the charges as she never duped anyone, as alleged. 

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