March 18, 2023

A former presidential staffer, Charles Bissue, has called for firm action to be taken on the alleged sex tape Aisha Huang is having of purported escapades with some senior government officials.

Huang, a famed Chinese illegal small-scale mining, galamsey, queen has widely been reported to be in possession of intimate materials that she is reportedly using to blackmail unnamed officials when she gets into trouble.

The allegations were first made in 2017 by Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako and has since been reechoed by some security analysts in the recent paat.

Speaking on a JoyNews programme on Thursday, September 15, Bissue, a former secretary to a presidential galamsey taskforce said he did not know anything about the said tape but that it should be dealt with head on.

“I do not know anything about it, but let’s apply the laws, we have to crack the whip. Whatever sex videos she has on people, were they with underaged people? It might be consensual in the first place.

“So, in the first-place videoing that is a crime, two; she cannot show it. So gagging and blackmailing people, we must crack the whip,” he stressed.

Bissue said dealing with the alleged tapes will ensure that there will be no further blackmail adding that even if the said material exists, it is likely that it was illicitly acquired.

“If Aisha Huang is blackmailing other people, we need to bite the bullet and deal with it because it is going to be something that when some people have done something wrong, they use it.

“Whatever sex that happened, it wasn’t child sex, it wasn’t rape, it wasn’t pornography. It was consensual sex. Crack the whip,” he added.

He, however, wondered how sex could be used as an exchange for someone to engage in galamsey.

“It was just a case of they coming to have sex and the person saying let’s have sex and once I give in to you, you allow me to do illegal mining. I do not see the correlation. Let’s crack the whip. Deal with her,” he stressed.

Aisha Huang was repatriated in 2018 after government dropped a case against her. She reportedly reentered the country this year and was arrested by security agencies in Ahodwo, Kumasi.

She is currently facing two charges of engaging in galamsey and in the sale of materials for galamsey. She was denied bail on September 14 along with three other accused persons with the case adjourned to September 27.


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