March 19, 2023
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A man by the Name of Otieno from Nairobi has narrated how he was raped by their house girl when he was 20 years old, he says that no one believes when he says he was raped but that is the truth.

According to him, he used to school in Uganda, when he was in form six and they came for a holiday when their house raped him, he had come from his friend’s place and found the house girl had made some tea and mandazi.
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She served him tea and mandazi and sat beside him after he was done eating he started to touch him inappropriately and she held his hand and took him to her room and pushed him onto the bed she touched him in his private area and that was when she slept with him.

He says that he was unable to resist and after that happened he didn’t tell anyone, he went back to school and when they came for the next holiday he was shocked after he was told that their house girl was pregnant and she claimed it was his.
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Otieno says that he opened up to his family that the house girl raped him but no one believed him, he felt so bad and after school, he decided to become an activist for males who are being raped and can’t speak out.

He says that since he started more than 100 men have come out to him and said that they were raped by their house girls, aunts and other guardians. He has urged parents to always listen to their children especially boy children before they accuse them of doing something.

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