March 27, 2023

Former National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for the La Dadekotopon Constituency, Nii Amasah Namoale, has refuted news publications about him being jobless and living on the benevolence of people.

In an interview on Neat FM, which GhanaWeb monitored, the former MP said that the media had misconstrued that statement he made in an interview with Accra-based Adom TV.

Nii Namoale was reported to have bemoaned the lack of state provision for former legislators, which has led to some of them facing a lot of hardships.

“In this part of our world, provisions have not been made to cater for former MPs. You won’t get a job when you are looking for one. I have tried to find a job several times, but I am not getting one, so I fall on my own business. If not for the support of people who help me with something to fall on, my business, life would have been difficult.

“If you do everything right for the state, if you do everything right for the people, [they’ll help you]. Those I helped while I was a minister…I didn’t take any money from them for contracts, permits, licenses…once in a while, these people come and give me money for support,” Namoale said.

But the former NDC MP on Neat FM said he was not referring to himself but other colleagues of his who are going through difficult moments.

“Did I say that I am a pauper and I am looking for money? Did I say that I am sick and I cannot afford my medication? I said some of the MPs, not me, Nii Amansa Namoale. Some of my colleagues. I told the guy (the reporter) that I am a commissioner of oath; that I have my own business. I have a waste management company.

“I tried looking for a job, but I did not get any that does not make me a pauper. Because I didn’t want to sit down without doing anything, I started my own business.

“One of my children told me that ‘but dad, you have been taking care of us’. I give them pocket money every month; my two daughters. They are in school, and the pocket money I give them is even more than the salary of some people. So, why should they portray that I say I am a pauper,” he said in Twi.

Watch the interview below:

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