June 10, 2023


Here’s how to rollback NVIDIA drivers in Windows 10. If you’ve ever wondered What Happens If You Uninstall Graphics in Windows 10, you’re not alone. More than half of all computer users are at some point or another facing the same question. After installing new hardware, it’s vital to update the drivers. Graphics drivers are a key part of your system’s operation.

  • After all the downloads are complete, restart your computer to install https://driversol.com/drivers/1394 the updates.
  • The Ubuntu 17.10 did boot and boy does it look good.
  • If you have installed GeForce Experience on your Windows computer, you’ll need to find out how to force uninstall it.
  • To do this, you can use Device Manager on Windows, System Profiler on a Mac or the /lspci or /lsusb commands on Linux.

Reboot the computer/laptop to load the drivers. Windows 10 will be wiped clean upon resetting, with most of its device drivers installed from scratch. You may have to purchase a few additional drivers if Windows cannot find some of them automatically. It’s also possible that a driver missing, corrupted, or improperly installed could cause your Nvidia driver to keep uninstalling itself.

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Click Apply followed by OK and then restart your PC to save changes. Also, make sure the app you’re using has access to your mic. If you have a driver you don’t want or need, you can uninstall it and block its reinstallation using the information above. Do you have the latest drivers for your device? Our engineering team is constantly adding, updating and improving our drivers to ensure optimal performance.

Graphics card drivers are no exception as it controls how the GPU works with the rest of the system including the software, games and applications, the monitor, and so on. Windows 10 has prepared an embedded-in tool for you to fix various system errors. You can go to the NVIDIA official site to download the NVIDIA driver and install it step by step.


So, in this very article, I have covered the step-by-step guide to update Windows 10 drivers without any external tool. Let us now simply start this article without any further talk. So, it’s crucial to update motherboard drivers for better system performance. Prior to installing the chipset drivers, you would better have a look at your motherboard manual and operate properly. If you are unclear about the motherboard model and serial number, you can refer to this post.

How to update motherboard drivers

As the message implies, this error occurs when there’s a connection issue between the display and the NVIDIA GPU. Right-click the NVIDIA Display Driver Installer file you downloaded in Step 2, select Run as administrator, and accept the prompt. Brittany Vincent is an accomplished freelance video game, technology, and entertainment writer whose work has been featured in various online and print publications. Get to driving your new rig with these easy steps. From the drop-down menu and select NVIDIA under the Selected graphic driver section.

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