March 30, 2023
Prof Eyison 1

The Bishop of the Northern Accra Diocese of the Methodist Church Ghana, Right Rev. Professor Joseph M. Y. Edusa-Eyison, has asked Christians in the country to train their children to understand that homosexuality is alien and unacceptable in our culture as black people.

Citing the Biblical law on procreation and the laws of nature as taught in senior high schools, he declared that “we still believe that like poles repel and unlike poles attract. We don’t encourage it. The church has already stated that it does not encourage homosexuality, and we still stand by that decision”.

Speaking in authentic Fante dialect and making an analogy between homosexuality and fufu preparation, he said “if you think you can use two pestles alone to get your fufu done, then it’s up to you. Similarly, if you think you can use two mortars alone to get your fufu ready, then it is up to you.

“When they succeed in becoming homosexuals, they say they will adopt. Who should get pregnant and give birth for you to adopt? I believe we need a reformation, and that reformation is what the Methodist Church Ghana is preaching, transformation which is renewing your life and living the Christlike life,” he said.

He said this at the fifth anniversary celebration of the Kwashieman North Circuit of the Methodist Church Ghana at Dunwell Methodist Church, Santa Maria, Accra, last Saturday.

Change the nation

Rt Rev. Prof. Edusa-Eyison said if the information that over 70 per cent of Ghanaians were Christians was anything to go by, then Christians in the country should let their lives change the nation so that the nation would glow in honour.

He said the church could never impact the life of society if it stayed outside of it, adding that what was expected of the church was for it to offer sound teachings on peaceful existence, new life, among others.

Touching on the anniversary of the circuit, Rt Rev. Prof. Edusa-Eyison said the fifth anniversary was worth celebrating as a people and a diocese of the church, and urged the congregation to appreciate that it came about with change, which was mandatory.

“As we celebrate five years thinking about change, we also have to think about how far we may push our boundaries, explore what is there to be explored, and embark on an adventure to expand our territories and bring others to the fold,” he said.

He also urged the congregation to train the youth to understand the ways of worship of the church and to also encourage them to join the ministry.

Right to information

The Deputy Chairperson of the Governing Board of the Right to Information Commission, Elizabeth Asare, said Act 989 (2019) had come to ensure that Ghanaians would get information that would help them to be good citizens, carry out their duties professionally and properly, as well as ensure that nobody was left out.

“Information gives us the opportunity to make informed choices, and with it we can make the right choices which will help us to build a better Ghana and make sure that Ghana is good for everyone,” she stated.

The Supt Minister of the Circuit, Very Rev. Ebenezer Grantson, mentioned some of the achievements of the circuit since 2017 — when it was carved out of the Kwashieman Circuit — to include increase in membership; availability of residences for ministers, and decent place of worship for all the societies in the circuit, namely Dunwell, St Paul, St Andrew and Ascension.

Present at the ceremony were ministers who had passed through the circuit, as well as the Paramount Chief of Abola Traditional Area and Chief Advisor to the Ga Mantse, Nii Ahene Nunoo III, who pledged GH¢5,000 donation to the circuit, and advised Christians to teach their children the proper use of the internet.


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