March 27, 2023
Rev. Boakye

Rev. Boakye

The founder and leader of Resurrection Power New Generation Ministries, Reverend Anthony Kwadwo Boakye, has assured his church members of his eminent return following his recovery from long illness.

During the Sunday, August 21, 2022 church service, Reverend Boakye who now preaches to his congregation virtually from a remote location, asked members of his church to help him pay for a new car he has acquired on hire purchase.

According to him, the car he has purchased was one that was shown to him in his vision as the car he is supposed to return to church with.

“My father (God) came for me from this house I am currently in and brought me to church in a white car. What it means is that he is done with me here and I will soon be returning. So I have searched for the white car and I’ve found that particular car. I’ve acquired it on hire purchase,” he told his congregation.

He called on the members to contribute to the payment of the car while assuring that he will beseech God to bless those who contribute with their own cars.

“So whoever feels touched in their heart to help me pay for the car, put the money in an envelope and raise it up as I pray for you. I am going to pray for you. I am saying that, I am telling God to give you a car. Because you are helping me pay for my car, I am also going to tell my father to give you a car. Whatever car you want, either tipper, trotro or private car,” Reverend Boakye said.

Meanwhile, the power struggle between the wife of the church founder Reverend Mrs Anthony Boakye and the leaders of Resurrection Power New Generation Ministries reached a new height on Sunday, when members of the church contributed towards the payment of his white car.

A CCTV footage sighted by GhanaWeb shows Mrs Anthony Boakye assaulting some church leaders at the time when the monies contributed by the church members was being counted.

A brother of Mrs Boakye, Reverend Johnson Kwasi Asare, in an interview with Ekuonaba TV, explained the circumstance of the quarrel.

While condemning his sister’s actions, Reverend Asare explained that the entire episode was set up by a cartel of church leaders to disgrace his sister.

“It is a cartel in the church made up of Church Father Mr Yeboah, Elder Boat and others. I have said before that it is all about money. The church leaders met with Bishop (Anthony Boakye) and some lawyers; they agreed to designate 12 people to count the church monies. The pastor’s wife and church leaders are not supposed to go anywhere close to where the money is counted.

“I believe my sister overreacted. But the agreement is there. The agreement was that the pastor’s wife, the church leaders and all the stakeholders would designate a representative to join the counting, and that is what has been in place for a while. But on Sunday, the pastor’s wife learnt that the church leaders who are seeking to squander the money had gone to sit where the counting was being done, and that was what prompted her to confront them,” he explained.

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