March 20, 2023

A 12-hour downpour Monday evening and Tuesday morning has cut off some communities in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region from the district’s capital, Wechiau, and the regional capital Wa.

The rain washed away some feeder roads and submerged small bridges constructed over culverts to link major communities after creating floods in the middle of the road.

Some other bridges such as the Tanvaare-Beleufili, Piisi-Nakor, Lassia-Bakpeteng, and Kulkpong-Dakor bridges, had been submerged in the flood, leaving residents with no option but to stay home.

Speaking to the Ghanaian Times at Wa about the situation, the Assembly Member for the Tanvaare Electoral Area, Mr. Yussif Gizuure, said the incident had restricted the movement of residents as the water levels in the affected areas were still high.

He explained that some of them were, for instance, supposed to go to Wechiau for their Ghana Card registration and other individual engagements but were scared to ply the road due to the floods.

“As it stands now, big vehicles and trucks cannot ply any of the affected roads; tricycles and motorbikes can however manoeuvre their way through, even though it is not advisable,” he said.

Mr. Gizuure mentioned that communities like Laasia-Tuolu, Yizieri, Bankpama, and Vieri had been completely cut off by the perennial problem and called on government to help find a lasting solution to the flooding issue.

“We are fortunate that schools are on vacation and the children are home, other than that they would have been forced to stay out of school but we are hoping there will not be another rain this week to prevent disasters,” he said.

He was, however, confident that if the roads in the district was put on budget by the government and worked on, the flooding would reduce.

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