March 27, 2023
Sylvester Mensah 3

Former Chief Executive of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) Sylvester Mensah has confessed that the hardship in Ghana is now at the doorstep of every family in the country.

He observes that life has become so hard that families cannot afford a three-square meal which hitherto this period was not a problem.

Sylvester Mensah is worried that Ghana is headed the wrong way under leadership that promised milk and honey.

Making this known in a series of tweets, the former NHIA boss said “Ghana’s Economic hardship has reached the doorsteps of most nucleus families. It has become excruciatingly difficult for most families to cope with utility bills, fuel prices, inflation, high-interest rates and no job”.

Commenting on the recent brutalities by the Police by Police on demonstrators, he could not fathom what democracy has become under Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s administration.

“It is pathetic what our democracy has become under the Nana Addo/Bawumia regime!”

He used the opportunity to call on the people of Ghana to rise up against the government in order to put it on its toes.

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