June 10, 2023
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Gordon Asare-Bediako Writes: Npp Gov’t Living Dangerously

In fact, I could be battered in the minds of both the powerful and the powerless for daring to say some of the things publicly.But, it must be said anyway by someone.

I elect to say it as it is.www.mybclive.com has done an amateur survey to find out how people would vote were elections held today.

It wasn’t scientific as it didn’t take into consideration all the “ingredients ” of a proper scientific research.However, I believe the outcome of the project is a true reflection of what’s on the ground.We spoke to 200 people in Ashanti and Greater Accra.The NPP is trailing the NDC.While 42% said they would vote NDC, 39% said they would vote NPP with a staggering 19% saying they won’t vote,We asked two simple questions.Would you vote if elections were held today.If NO, why?Which party would you vote for?The reasons given by 15% of those who said they would not vote, are very interesting yet worrying for the NPP.A.

Lack of reshuffle( prosperity should not be stagnant but fairly distributed).I will not attempt to explain the issues but this is the verdict out there.One interesting conversation that ensued though not recorded was that, both the government and the party seem to be oblivious of modern day mechanics of politics.If the NPP as a party and especially, government, would want this looming danger averted, then the concerns of the people must be addressed as soon as possible.The perceived neglect of the Ashanti Region as well as the concerns of the people in the Greater Accra Region must not be dismissed.

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