March 30, 2023
GMA threatens to shut down all health facilities nationwide in protest of new tax system by GRA (VIDEO)

The Ghana Medical Association says it will force government to shut down health facilities nationwide in protest of a new tax system by the Ghana Revenue Authority that aims at shortchanging them.

The president of GMA Dr. Frank Serebour disclosed that GRA is introducing a new tax system that will take taxes from the association’s generated funds.

The Association believes GRA’s move to ask them to pay such taxes is unfair arguing that their members have already paid taxes on the salary they deduct their dues from.

Dr. Frank Serebour has therefore threatened to lead the association to an unprecedented nationwide protest if GRA fails to rescind the decision to surcharge them.

Speaking on Pure FM on Saturday, October 15, 2022, Dr. Serebour said this was the first time GRA is calling on the Association to pay such tax since its inception in over six decades.

“We won’t sit down to allow anybody, whether it is a government agency or the government itself, to collapse the association. That will not happen under my watch.”

He stressed that there should have been more dialogue on the taxes by the GRA.

“If anything at all, the first point was engagement. If something like that is going to happen, somebody should be engaging and not write that kind of letter.”


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