March 29, 2023
mahama slam

George Ackom, a lecturer at the Ghana Communications Technical University (GCTUA, has urged Ghanaians not to consider former president John Dramani Mahama for the presidency again.

He contends that John Mahama does not merit a second chance to lead the nation since he has been using it as a testing ground for his policies.

In an interview with Wontumi TV on February 23, 2023, he asserted that the former president oversaw the country’s retrogression during his administration, thus, he has nothing to give the nation.

“When you look at how the New Patriotic Party has managed the economy and you listen to someone who has ruled the country before and calling on Ghanaians to give him a chance again, then you realize how worrying it is.

“If it had to be a different individual, then we can say he’s bringing new ideas on board but the same person who couldn’t perform when given the opportunity? It is worrying.

“Every day he complains about making mistakes, we all make mistakes but there are certain mistakes which are unpardonable. The nation is not a trial place where you will learn to correct your mistakes,” he said.

Meanwhile, John Mahama has declared his intention to run for a third consecutive time for the presidency.

On February 22, forms were picked on his behalf by Prof. Alabi and regional chairmen amid fanfare. Mahama is expected to address the media in due course to formally announce his bid.

Mahama’s political roots date as far back as the days of Ghana’s independence when his father served in the Nkrumah government.

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