Ghana Cedi is worst performing currency against US dollar – World Bank report

The Ghana Cedi has recently been experiencing rapid depreciation against major trading currencies, especially against the United States dollar.

The woes of the national currency have taken another hit with a World Bank report classifying the Ghana Cedi as the worst-performing currency in Africa against the US dollar.

The Africa Pulse Report noted that the cedi had experienced a 60% depreciation against the dollar as of September 19.

The report which tracked growth prospects and threats to African economies in 2022, also classified Ghana as a debt-distressed country with a debt-to-GDP ratio expected to surpass 100% by the end of the year.

Explaining why their depreciation rate is higher than the widely reported 40% figure, Accra-based Joy News report that the bank confirmed to them in an email correspondence that, “it used a different methodology to track the FX rate of depreciation from the beginning of this year to September 19 2022.”

That is why the World Bank arrived at the 60 percent rate of depreciation, compared to 40 percent if you are working with a 6.17 rate on December 31 and 10.09 in September 2022, the Joy News report added.

Countries and respective rate of depreciation against the US dollar

Ghana – (60 percent)

South Sudan – (50.8 percent),

Sudan – (28.6 percent),

Malawi – (25.4 percent),

CFA Franc – (13.3 percent)

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