March 27, 2023
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Ambassador Daniel Ohene Agyekum has described the President’s visit at the National House of chiefs in Kumasi earlier this week as a waste of state resources.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Elder also think, it was a waste of the precious time of the various traditional leaders that were present.

Mr. Agyekum claims the president Nana Knows all those heavily involved in galamsey but have been left off the hook only for a public charade.

” The president must spare our ears, what happened was just a smoke screen and waste of resources ”

” I can just imagine the resources that was pumped in this meeting with our traditional authorities, when the president knows those who are engaged in galamsey ”

” He should just arrest them, these are his own people, haven’t you heard the names that are popping up” the ambassador retorted.

Mr Agyekum has suggested that anybody that will take the president seriously does so not Knowing what is really happening in the country.

‘ ‘The authority and security of the land can deal with this easily, but because some people are benefiting, the establishment doesn’t want to act”’

‘ Let’s get serious here, how many times do we want the president to speak and no action”

‘ So so talk with no action, what is all this hanging on the neck of Ghanaians’ ‘ he exclaimed on Kumasi-based Ultimate Fm monitored by

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