June 2, 2023

Some parents have raised concerns over food shortages in some senior high schools across the country.

In an SOS audio currently in circulation, some parents raised concerns over the quality of food served to their wards in the affected schools.

The Parents Teacher Association Chairman of Mfantstpim, Minister Kwarteng, lamented that the situation was terrible.

He disclosed that the students are taking porridge without milk, sugar, and bread, describing the food given to the students as horrible.

He said Dear parents, these are our boys, and as a parents association, we have less than Ghc1,000 in our coffers. What can this do?

He further stated that the situation was horrible, and those who could donate items, including bags of rice, flour, and oil, should do so.

On his part, the headmaster of the school Rev. Ebener Aidoo said the food situation was dire, but the school was working around the clock to address the situation.

Several other schools, including Ghana National College, Adisadel College, and St. Augustine’s, are all facing food shortages.

Some other parents and heads of schools are also worried and calling for immediate action to address the challenges.

Another parent also raised the issue of bed bugs and the lack of teaching by the teachers.

The parent said parents who want their wards to return home should be made to do so.

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