March 29, 2023
American Referee Robbed Penalty for Redundant Cristiano Ronaldo

Legendary England footballer Wayne Rooney voiced out his displeasure about the controversial penalty awarded to Portugal against Ghana in November 24 night’s game at Stadium 974 in Doha.

The penalty process helped Portugal superstar striker Cristiano Ronaldo to become the first player in the history of world football to score goals in each of his five editions of the tournament, that he has played.

But the decision to award the penalty was criticised by some football fans on social media. The referee awarded a penalty to Portugal in the 62nd minute with no VAR check.

In an interview on VISA Match Centre, Rooney disclosed; “No, I think Cristiano used all his experience as a forward player, in that position and used his experience to win the penalty and that’s good play, good centre forward play.”

Ronaldo’s former country teammate and former Real Madrid Legend Luis Figo was not convinced either. “For me, it did not look like a penalty but it was welcome,” he said.



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