March 30, 2023
teenage girls

teenage girls

Two teenage girls have been found dead at Okrakwodwo on the Adukrom – Koforidua highway in the Eastern Region.

The family of the deceased suspect foul play and are asking the Police to thoroughly investigate the matter.

The incident has shocked the predominant farming residents of the Okrakwadwo community in the Okere District of the Eastern Region.

The two teenage girls were found on the shoulders of the highway on the dawn of Tuesday, August 30, 2022.

They are both 16 years old and Junior High School pupils.

It is alleged they left their homes to visit some young men around 11:30pm at another community, Mile 14, before they met their untimely death.

Family members narrated one was dead and the other was in an unconscious state until her demise at the Koforidua Central Hospital.

To them, the circumstances surrounding the death of thier daughters do not add up.

They claim chats found on the mobile phone of one of the teenagers is enough evidence that someone might have masterminded their death.

An uncle of one of the girls, Kingsley Afum, was first to make the allegations.

“I swear heaven and earth, I don’t belive they had an accident and died as being claimed. We suspect the young men at Mile 14 had a hand in it. They have left the community on hearing about the death. We want the police to investigate the matter well and swiftly else we will use our own means. We know how to pour libation,” he lamented.

Mother of one of the teenagers, Stella Ofeabea is still in shock.

“I was hoping my daughter survived and tell us the truth, I miss my daughter fondly,” she wailed.

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Stella Ofeabea (In yelloow headgear) is mother of one of the teenagers.

Other teenagers in the community have been gripped with fear.

“Since the day the incident occcured, I am unable to go to the farm alone. Any strange sound I hear, I panic. One of the girls, Yvonne was our volleyball striker at school,” one teenager stated.

The Assemblyman for the Okrakwadwo Electoral Area, Emmanuel Gadasu, intends to have education for teenage girls in the area and urged parents to be responsible for their wards.

He said “It is a sad situation. The community is in shock. I will take this opportunity to educate the young girls in my electoral area, more importantly, I urge parents to keep an eye on their children.”

Police in the Eastern region have begun investigations into the matter.

By Yvonne Neequaye|E/R|

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