March 19, 2023

Correspondence from Bono Region

Many residents in Duadaso Number 2 in the Jaman North in the Bono Region have been affected following a heavy downpour in the community.

Over three hours of heavy rains flooded several parts of the community displacing some residents in the process.

Many residents had their rooms flooded to the knee level with electronic appliances, sofas, and other items soaked compelling them to spend hours pushing the water out of their rooms.

Major roads in the community were also not spared as they were submerged making it difficult for road users.

Mr. Sie Prince, whose apartment got flooded, indicated that many of his properties have been destroyed.

“All rooms in my apartment got flooded destroying my properties in the process. It is sad but that is the situation now.”

The Assembly Member for the Duadaso Number 2 Electoral Area, Sah Emmanuel, revealed that the flooding has cut some parts of the community off and it will be difficult to use the stretch to Wenchi and other communities.

He attributed the problem in the community to the shoddy work being done by the contractor working on the Sampa-Duadaso road.

“The whole community of Duadaso Number has been flooded because of the rains. Buildings were filled with water and many people were forced to stay overnight fetching water from their rooms”.

He added that the contractor is currently not on site and appealed to the Assembly to compel the contractor to be back on site as the problem will escalate as the rains are expected to fall massively.

“The only way to solve the problem is for the contractor to come to the site so we are appealing to the Assembly to bring the contractor back to the site to avert any such problem in future.”

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