March 18, 2023
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The deputy commander of Uganda’s land forces, Major General Francis Takirwa, has said that homosexuality in the country is unnatural, shameful and not okay.

He also told people working in public health facilities not to treat them.

Maj. Gen. Takirwa said this on Sunday, February 5, 2023 at the Bwizibwera headquarters when the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) handed over various projects and keys to the people of Mbarara District.

“Don’t use our health facilities to treat homosexuals. Someone comes in with wet nappies and wants to be treated because he has made a decision, as if he doesn’t have a brain. No. No. This is too much and it can’t go on. Major General Takirwa said.

He said these things are bad and shouldn’t be allowed.

“Someone comes and does things that are shameful, unnatural and not African and you don’t say anything. It’s embarrassing that you can do something that a dog you feed on the ground can’t do, but you can do it when you eat from a plate. God is in the process of fixing us and some of these things are so hard that even dogs cannot do them,” he said.

The UPDF gave Bwizibwera Rutooma Town Council a renovated outpatient block at the health centre and two new classroom blocks at Kariro Muslim Primary School.

They also rehabilitated Karuyenje Primary School in Rwanyamahembe Sub-County, providing four mattresses, a delivery bed, cleaning materials and dustbins.

Takirwa said the army gave the projects and items to the people to show their appreciation for the sacrifices they made during the struggle for freedom.

“We are from the civilian community. They made a lot of sacrifices for us and it’s our main duty to continue working for them,” he said. “We will always be happy to be part of the civilian population.”

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