March 27, 2023
Hopeson Adorye 1

A leading member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has urged NPP under fire man, Hopeson Adorye, who has stated that the party’s tradition is to keep northerners and Muslims in only running mate positions not flagbearer slot not to apologise.

Mr. Adorye on an internal party activity platform dubbed ‘Aduru wu so walk for Alan Cash’  made statements that suggest the party has a tradition of favoring Akans and Christians to lead in the party for the ultimate prize of the presidency.

According to Hopeson Adorye, the NPP has always had a formula called that Christian-Muslim Ticket where Muslims are always fit for running mates whiles Christians lead as flagbearers.

He believes that regardless of the growth in governance the party should continue to relegate Muslims to the running mate position in the party.

‘Per the party’s formula, the running-mate since 1992 has been a permanent reserved position for the Dombo’s camp regardless of whether a Dankwa protégé or Busia protégé is leading the Party as the Flagbearer’’

He continued: “whenever a Dankwa leads the party, the Busia side steps aside but there is a Dombo (for running mate), and whenever a Busia leads, the Dankwa side steps aside but there is a Dombo (for running mate). As for the Dombos, they are always there (for running mates).”

This statement has not gone down well with Ghanaians, including some Northerners within the NPP notable among them are Farouk Alui Mahama (MP Yendi) and Musah Superior former aide to Nana Addo.

However an NDC member and hopeful for the Ashanti Regional Second Vice-chair position, Captain John Kwame Jabari (rtd), believes calls for an apology to northerners within the NPP are not justified.

He claims they knew the traditions of the NPP that is discriminatory to other tribes but still joined to be humiliated.

‘‘Why are they complaining, you joined a party, which clearly will not give you the opportunity, that is their trait’’

‘‘Some Northerners naively joined the NPP, thinking that they are all equal in the party but in the NPP they are never equal to anybody in the party. Hopeson Adorye’s tribal comment is normal in the NPP’’

‘’I am daring you no official statement is going to come from the party, they are just milking the northerner in the party ’

‘‘The mirage of northerners not being held in high esteem in the NPP will be portrayed during the flagbearer elections’’ he reiterated

‘‘If I form a club and I say the Busia, Danquah is first class, Dumbo is a second class you and you chose to join, the northerners who joined know how they are, they actually shouldn’t be offended because they know how they operate’’

‘‘The point is that they will go to the north to seek votes, I am waiting to see what will happen’’

He however noted that he is watching to see how executives and elders of the party will react to the recent derogatory statement.

‘‘ I am watching and waiting to see what will happen.. Just recently their general secretary was talking about a code of ethics that will guide their internal elections. He talked and quoted articles .What has happened this weekend. JFK is a toothless guy general secretary. He can’t do foko. He can’t do anything. The power that be is bigger than him here ‘’ he claimed.


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