March 20, 2023
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A case of daylight criminal assault by a brother of Musician Fancy Gadam has been taken for out of court settlement after Fancy Gadam’s family pleaded profusely with the victim of the assault, a journalist, Halik Musah popularly known as Mr. Tell.

DJ Tell or Mr. Tell who works for Radio Tamale is known to be a long-time critic of Fancy Gadam leading to a rift between them. Their public rift has been characterized by heated verbal exchanges on various radio stations in the last couple of weeks.

Masib Bello, brother of Fancy Gadam took the law into his own hands following negative comments by the journalist against their mother.

Masib was captured on video following the alleged negative remarks by the journalist. Masib Bello took the law into his own hands and accosted the journalist and started throwing punches at him in the full glare of the public.

The Police administration at the National level reportedly took notice of the viral video and ordered investigations. According to sources, IGP Dampare took a special interest in suspects who act with impunity and believe they are above the law.

Masib Bello run away into hiding after the attack following an official police interest in the matter. Several persons who shared the video online called for the arrest of the machoman brother of Fancy Gadam.

He was later apprehended.

However, following repeated pleas and lobbying, the parties were invited to the respected Dakpema palace on 4th July after a report by the mother of the Musician and her family.

The family who were afraid their son could be remanded and possibly jailed after he run away from police pleaded the matter be solved by the highly respected traditional leader.

The Fancy Gadam [Bello] family realizing and knowing their son could be remanded depsite a police enquiry bail under IGP George Dampare for assault and impunity, quickly pleaded for the case to be taken out of court.

Updating his followers, Mr. Tell wrote:

“I was invited to the Dakpema palace this afternoon, Because fancy’smother and family took the mater [sic] to the Nyeb Dakpema to demand out of court settlement. I told Dakema to give me time to consult my people before anything. Meanwhile the suspect have[sic] been arrested.”

In the end, the journalist was made to apologize to Fancy Gadam’s mother and their whole family for this defamatory remarks against the innocent woman while the machoman family member Masib Bello also apologized for his youthful exuberance. The matter is currently being officially struck out of the police records with the blessing of the Dakpema Palace.



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