March 18, 2023
Discriminating against LGBTQI persons may affect Ghanas economy – US Ambassador

The United States of America Ambassador to Ghana, Virginia E. Palmer says it’s imperative that homosexuals are protected in Ghana.

She believes that discrimination against homosexuals in Ghana will have a telling adversity on the economy of the developing country as investors and potential investors may pull out of the country if they think the rights of their workers cannot be protected.

H. E Virginia E. Palmer is of the view that people who belong to the LGBTQI+ fraternity should made to feel safe and their rights are not threatened because they are different.

Virginia E Palmer made this known while speaking on Accra-based Joy News.

She insists she is not promoting homosexuality but rather advocating for the rights of people who have different sexuality.

“United States isn’t asking for special rights for homosexuals. We are asking that they receive the same rights that all other Ghanaians have. I want to be clear that we are not trying to promote homosexuality. We don’t want your straight children to be gay. We want your gay children to be safe. I think it’s very important that any threat on one group demonstrates that the rights of other people can be encroached on. Discrimination of any kind is bad.

This kind of discrimination will be bad for public order. We’ve already seen violence against LGBT persons which I think is terribly unfortunate. It is bad for public health because people won’t seek the kind of health care they need. For example HIV, and monkeypox if they think they are going to be stigmatized. It could be bad for the Ghanaian economy because there will be pressure from companies to say I can’t be headquartered in Ghana if the rights of the Ghanaian people are not safe or people are not safe on the streets. It kind of sends that signal that…”

Meanwhile, Ghana’s Parliament is sitting on a Private Members Bill that seeks to criminalize Homosexuality.

The Bill led by the Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram Hon. Sam George has the backing of the Christian, Traditional and Muslim communities.

They are of the belief that homosexuality should not be entertained in Ghana.


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