March 30, 2023
Culture of Silence: Radio presenter claims Akufo-Addo is behind her dismissal from Kingdom FM

Culture of Silence: Radio presenter claims Akufo-Addo is behind her dismissal from Kingdom FM

A former radio presenter at Kingdom FM, known as Gh Mouthpiece, has alleged that Ghana’s president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo pressured her director to sack her over comments made against his government and economic hardship under his leadership.

According to Gh Mouthpiece, the CEO of Kingdom FM, Jonathan Kwame Amofah, was put under pressure to take her off air based on an “order from above”.

The radio presenter who doubles as a social media commentator, in an interview with Ola Michael on Neat FM, mentioned that the Director of the radio station showed her a private conversation the president had with him at 1:00am over her video which Nana Addo claimed was an attack on him.

Gh Mouthpiece stated that she only called on the president to fix the country, however, he silenced her by orchestrating her dismissal.

“I just reminded the president of his statement ‘we are blessed with resources but the citizens are suffering’. That was my offence…I said that Ghana has become worse under his leadership. I said Nana fix the country. That was all, I didn’t insult anybody but I got dismissed.

“I said fix it because we are suffering…I didn’t make those statements on the radio. I recorded it on my phone and shared it on my Instagram page. I did it as a citizen of Ghana, I am not a spectator. We have rights and freedom of speech…I was sacked from work because I had expressed myself. I didn’t use the radio station’s platform or record the video on their premises,” she said.

Narrating what transpired on the morning of her dismissal, Gh Mouthpiece said “I was playing drive…I had reported to work, done my introduction and even dropped my motivational message. 15 minutes into the show, I saw our manager had opened the door signalling me to come. I was confused because I was seated behind the console and speaking live. My producer told me that our Director had asked for me. Honestly, I become scared.

“When I got to his office, I wanted to sit but he told me to stand. He asked what happened yesterday, he showed me the video I had made together with the president’s chat and asked ‘what is this?’. The chart was with Ghana’s sitting president, Nana Addo.

“The president had sent my video to my director. I told my director that I was part of the ‘Fix The Country’ campaign. I was just expressing my opinion…my directed said I exposed the company I am working for. He said I claimed our salary can’t cater for our transportation…I defended myself and made it clear that my statement was the true state of the nation, the voices of Ghanaians,” she added.

The presenter believes her director didn’t sack her on his own because he has been very supportive throughout her time with the station.

“He said ‘akora’, that is the president, could not sleep throughout the night and had texted him at 1:00am. He sent him the video I had recorded. My director told me that he was under pressure because of my video…I respect my director so much, he moved me to the main station…he is someone who has supported my career, so when he said the was under pressure to remove me, I understood him…he had every right to stop me from going live that morning but he didn’t. I think people called him to complain after hearing my voice on radio that morning, the reason he took me off.”


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