March 27, 2023
Bishop Agyin Asare


Founder and leader of Perez Chapel International, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, says the fight against corruption will not be won anytime soon.

The Archbishop indicated that the country’s wealth has been used in the funding of some political campaigns, thus dipping the economy further down.

He further charged the opposition National Democratic (NDC) to ensure that if elected in the 2024 polls, the public purse will be protected.

He made these comments during his address to the leadership of the NDC when they joined the congregation for a thanksgiving service on Sunday, January 8, 2023.

“It’s obvious the greatest enemy of this nation is corruption, but looking at the way political parties fund their activities and campaigns, our view is that we are not going to [win the] fight [against] corruption anytime soon. Those political businesses who fund politicians end up hijacking the wealth of the nation. Politicians should help us fight this because our nation is sinking too fast, and we cannot continue in this direction,” the founder and leader of the Perez Chapel International underscored.

Speaking on the upcoming 2024 General elections, he charged the Electoral Commission to be transparent in all of its endeavours.

“The IPAC in the past has been a good forum that has helped. It shouldn’t be destroyed. The EC should work to bring its stakeholders together for peace and good of the nation and not divide them. The dealings of the EC should be so transparent that winners will be acknowledged by all, and losers will be seen by all to have lost,” he advised.


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