March 20, 2023
Black teens assaulted by white men for swimming in a pool in

Black teens were assaulted by white men for swimming in a pool reserved for white people in South Africa.

The dark past of apartheid appears to have resurrected in South Africa after a clip emerged online of whites attacking black children at a swimming pool.

In the clip going viral on social media , a group of white men are seen attacking the children just as they got into the water.


A lady who posted the video said the incident happened at Maselspoort Resort in Free State Province on Christmas Day and that the victims are her brothers.


“My brothers were attacked by these grown men because they are apparently not allowed in the pool as it’s reserved for the “white people” here.”

One of the men is heard telling the boys to get out of the water as another attempts to choke one of them.


An even chilling episode is captured at the tail-end of the 31 second clip where one of the men choke-locks one of the boys and jumps with him into the water.

Another young white boy then jumps in after them in what appears like a mission to drown the helpless black boy.

The lady said they are trying to press for attempted murder charges against those responsible but the police said they should file for assault instead.

Watch the video below :




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