March 27, 2023
Dominic nitiwul 2

Defense Minister Dominic Nitiwul has revealed that he has tasked the military in Bawku to deal with perpetrators of violence in the municipality as pure criminals since happenings in the area are no longer as a result of the chieftaincy conflict but criminality.


Speaking on the floor of Parliament Wednesday February 8, 2023, Mr Nitiwul noted that criminals had taken advantage of the conflict to engage in atrocious acts and therefore the military has been directed to deal with them on the basis that they are criminals and not interested parties in the prolonged Chieftaincy conflict.

“What is happening today is not about chieftaincy. It is criminality. Those operating are criminals. I have asked members of the armed forces to deal with such persons as pure criminals.

Government has done what it can on its part to ensure that Bawku is peaceful. We have moved [the number of soldiers in] Bawku from 50 to 400 soldiers. So we are sending another 500 military taskforce to Bawku alone next week,” he explained.

Soldiers keeping peace in the area have been accused of brutality and the murder of some eight civilians recently. The MP for Bawku Central Mahama Ayariga has petitioned the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to investigate the killings. The military high command has defended the killings, saying that they “neutralized” alleged criminals.

Mr Nitiwul’s comments has been met with mixed reactions.




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