May 30, 2023
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The former Member of Parliament for Ayensuano in the Eastern Region, Samuel Ayeh-Paye, now the Eastern Regional Campaign Coordinator for Alan Kyerematen has landed himself into trouble over some religious comments he made against the Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.
He claims that he [Bawumia] is a Muslim, therefore delegates shouldn’t vote for him.

He has been accused of calling some delegates of the New Patriotic Party and telling them that Elders of Pentecost and other churches have told him that if NPP votes for Bawumia to become the Party flag-bearer, they will tell their congregations not to vote for NPP so if they want the party to be in power then they should vote Alan.

Aside from that, he reportedly called some girls in NPP via a telephone conversation, telling them to convince their friends to campaign on religious lines.

He reportedly had a WhatsApp chat with one lady named; Wendy Akuffo, on the assessment of the Vice President, who blew the cover.

These comments have triggered the anger of the camp of Dr. Bawumia who found it tribalistic comments and took over social media to jab him.

In a series of flyers trending on Facebook being shared by the camp of Dr. Bawumia, they inscribed with the photo of the former MP that ‘’ Don’t be like Mr. Ayeh –Paye, [a former NPP MP who lost Ayensuano seat, a safe seat of NPP to NDC] whose only campaign messages to Girls-Girls in NPP is that they should vote religious lines.

Ayeh-Paye Defense

In reaction to the bashing against him on social media, Mr. Ayeh-Paye denied the allegations by stating ‘’I have never said anywhere that we should not vote for Dr. Bawumia because he is a Muslim. Those with evidence should prove it’’.

When contacted by DGN online, he stated that the lady send her message on four occasions on WhatsApp which he has screenshots of it, and they have begun to have a chat.

According to him, he never called anybody on a mobile phone to ask them to do anything, but only had a chat with the lady while they were discussing the Presidential Primaries where he said that his assessment has revealed that Dr. Bawumia will lead NPP into opposition when voted as the party flagbearer since the Christians are more than the Muslims in the country.

He challenged the camp of Dr. Bawumia to contact the telecommunication networks to get his call data and verified if he have had such a conversation with any lady in NPP on that allegations.

‘’I am the Eastern Regional Coordinator for Alan and have toured the whole region, everywhere you will go, they say they want Alan because he is a Christian and the churches say they will vote for him. I don’t have any problem against Bawumia or a campaign against him but the assessment on the grounds which I have always been speaking on it.

‘’It’s a fact that, if they vote for him [Bawumia], he will send NPP into opposition, which himself [Bawumia] knows that’s why he is always moving to churches to rebuild that Christain and Islamic union. They just want to disgrace me hence using this against me. Am ready to speak my mind any day and anytime. The truth is that the NDC will use that against NPP since John Mahama is a Christian and they will vote against NPP’’ he stated.

In one of the chats with Wendy Akuffo, he stated that ‘’I was in Parliament for twelve years and I did very well during my stay. I am not the first person to lose my seat as an MP. Many many former MPs who had lost their seats to the NDC are also campaigning for Dr. Bawumia as I am also doing it for Alan’’.

‘’For your information, l am a proud Regional Campaign Director for Alan 2024 for Eastern Region and the delegates in Ayensuano are very much aware of it so this twist propaganda can’t change anything. I know where this is coming from I was your fun and a friend and I know you can do this. I have started meeting delegates to campaign for Alan Religion is one of the focal points of this campaign since contestants are of various religious backgrounds’’ he told the lady in one of his chats.




Source: Daniel Bampoe/Daily Guide

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