June 9, 2023
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His narrative is in sharp contrast to an earlier press release by the police which stated that their actions were in reaction to protesters pelting stones at them.


I got to the grounds around 11 am, and around 12:20 thereabout, a team of Commissioners of Police arrived led by COP Yowunoo, I saw the Greater Accra Regional Commander, I saw Commissioner Doku, I saw Commissioner Habiba, I saw Commissioner Awini – and all these came and they told me that they wanted to have a meeting with the leadership.

They got to us and then we walked to the police, and I noticed that the crowd was surging so I went trying to push some of the protestors and saying give the police way so that we can have the meeting with them so that we can come and attend to you.


Some ones of the police officials were wearing clothes like this (Arise Ghana red shirts), I didn’t know they were police officers?

So when I said please go back so that these officers can go up with us they told me right in front of the police – this was not in camera, this was open – that they are police officers and they are protecting their bosses and pointed to Yowunoo and those who were standing there.

Whilst were there the protesters were accusing us that we were too dull, that they want to go to the police and I said no one is going there

So we decided that we should address the crowd there and then, once we started speaking, people will crowd around, before we could say jack these police officers started surging on us, shooting into the KIA truck that we were speaking in.


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