March 30, 2023
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Applicants seeking the services of the Births and Deaths Registry have for the past three weeks been left stranded as the operations at their head office have come to a halt due to a lack of power supply.

According to a report by Citinewsroom sighted by GhanaWeb, the Central Registry of the institution has for over three weeks failed to print and issue certificates as a result of the lack of electricity.

According to the management of the Birth and Death Registry, it is doing everything possible to ensure power is restored to the facility.

“We have a power issue. First, it was a precautionary measure we were having by cutting down power to prevent anything untoward from happening. But it has retracted a little by now. They are working on it, trying to make sure that the light is resolved within the week,” the Public Relations Officer for the Registry, Adam Abdulai assured.

However, the public has been encouraged to utilise the institution’s online portal for services relating to births and deaths.
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“This is a great opportunity for people to know that we have an online platform they can access, and you don’t need to come to any births and deaths registry office to start your process. All our services are online at Look for the births and deaths registry when you go there.

“I would want to inform the public that our services are best accessed at the district levels when people are born than to walk to the head offices,” the Public Relations Officer for the Births and Deaths Registry stated


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