May 30, 2023
Ken Ofori Atta and Anas Aremeyaw Anas

Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide, has denied any meeting in Dubai involving Tiger Eye P.I. investigators and the embattled Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta.

Pro-NPP media network, Asaase radio, in a report, alleged a meeting between Anas’ agents and the Finance Minister in Dubai, stating that the five-minute interaction left the minister irritated when the Tiger Eye team attempted to ‘entrap’ him with a money gift.

The report said, Tiger Eye P.I. investigators, posed as investors who wanted to invest in Ghana, therefore, needing to meet the minister to discuss opportunities and other modalities of setting up in Ghana.

It further established that the investigators had earlier met with Charles Adu Boahen, Ofori-Atta’s deputy back in 2018, in a hotel suite in the United Araba Emirates, UAE, where the now dismissed Adu Boahen was given monies in lieu of helping the investors get access to among other Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia.

After their meeting, they then proceeded to meet with Ken Ofori-Atta briefly at the Dubai airport while he was on transit to Tokyo on an official assignment.

The report said neither the minister nor his PA accepted the money gift from the Tiger Eye P.I. team.

“Mr. Ofori-Atta was informed the meeting was with the Chairman of Al Baraka Islamic Bank of Bahrain, whose interest was to invest $500m to set up an “ethical” bank in Ghana.

“The meeting, per our checks, lasted some five minutes. Ken Ofori-Atta left very irritated when he was offered a “gift”, which he refused to accept, and walked out with his PA who was also offered a gift that was rejected as well,” the Asaase radio report added.

But Abdul Malik Kweku Baako in a comment to a Facebook post explained that there is no video with the Tiger Eye team which depicts the narration in the news report.

“The last time I checked, Tiger Eye has no video depicting any interaction with Ken Ofori-Atta! None!

“Assuming without admitting that there were attempts to “entrap” Ken Ofori-Atta, and the attempts proved unsuccessful? What would that mean? That Adu Boahen failed the “test of integrity” while Ofori-Atta succeeded? Or?” he quizzed.

Baako, however, explained that documentaries are to tell a story and not exhibits in criminal investigations but rather the “raw footages” of the documentary are what can be used as exhibits in criminal proceedings.

He said, any time a project of Tiger Eye P.I. has become a subject of criminal prosecutions, the Tiger Eye P.I. team submits the “raw footages” as part of their exhibits in court.

“By the way, documentaries are not exhibits in criminal investigations and/or prosecutions. The RAW FOOTAGES are. And the latter have always been submitted to the relevant statutory authorities for the purposes of criminal investigations and prosecutions that were triggered by undercover ops by/of Tiger Eye!

“People are entitled to ask questions of Tiger Eye and its “methodologies”. That’s fair game. No problem. Tiger Eye will continue to unearth any and all “negatives” applying its “methodologies” whether its critics like it or not!

“For now, Tiger Eye has indicated its readiness to assist the investigation announced by the Special Prosecutor; upon the presidential referral of the conduct of Mr. Adu Boahen to the OSP! DUE PROCESS is underway. That’s where Tiger Eye’s FOCUS is!

“Those who want to continue asking questions and criticising “methodologies” and perceived/alleged omissions of Tiger Eye, are entitled to continue! FREE SPEECH!!” Kweku Baako stressed.



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