March 17, 2023
Ameyaw Debrah and son Nathan 1

Ameyaw Debrah, a popular Ghanaian blogger, has shared how his son escaped death in a complicated birth process.

The award-winning blogger narrated that his son Nathan beat strange odds, including faecal matter in his respiratory system, to come out alive.

He told Anthony Dzamefe on the A Father’s Day Out show that his son was delivered in United States Hospital in 2017. Ameyaw indicated that the baby did not arrive on the predicted date. So he decided to have fun and watch the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant in Las Vegas, only to receive news that his wife was in labour.

“After the pageant, because I have a flight in the morning, I placed my phone on silent and set the alarm so I could wake up early. When I woke up to check my phone, I had all these missed calls from my mother-in-law that my wife was in labour.”

He went on to say he received the good news of the safe delivery of the boy baby en route to the hospital.
The good news turned sour when he got to the hospital and was told there were some complications during delivery.

Upon inquiries, he realized that his wife had a cesarean section because there was a delay in the delivery, which affected the child, who was in critical condition.

According to Ameyaw, the baby had pooped, and the faecal matter travelled through his nose into his respiratory system.

After a torturous hospital session and changing health facilities, Nathan survived and has grown into a healthy and lovely boy, Ameyaw added.


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