March 20, 2023
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Alpha Hour saga: Rev. Kusi Boateng rains generational curses on detractors

Pastor and Secretary to the Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral, Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng, is the latest to join the list of individuals to chastise critics over the Alpha Hour saga.

In the midst of attacks targeted at the Alpha Hour founder, Rev. Elvis Agyemang, a photo capturing a moment where his church was counting offerings backstage went viral.

Among other allegations, critics have labeled the young pastor an extortionist, adding that he is making money off gullible church members.

The money-counting machine discovered on the table where the money was counted exacerbated the outrage.

However, the general public has had mixed reactions to the issue, with some netizens condemning the man of God and others defending him.

Rev. Kusi Boateng, who has also been indicted in a similar recent scandal used the opportunity to address persons he described as the ‘persecutors of the gospel.’

Facing a similar fate, Rev. Kusi Boateng was compelled to deploy judgment on detractors, especially at this time when he is also battling with some allegations of fraud and possessing multiple identities.

Adopting the phrase, ‘Touch not my anointed’ and other powerful bible verses, the Power Chapel founder rained heavy curses at persons responsible for taking the snapshot of the Alpha Hour control room and circulating it.

“Who ever put it there, I declare unrecovered insanity for him and the generations after him. Who ever took that picture with his hand, his hand will never see peace. Unless the person comes to kneel and apologize. I curse them and the generations after them. What they fear is the prosperity of the church. All kinds of nonsense. One of our beloved brother, they said they were counting offerings from his church and someone took a shot and posted it on social media. What kind of nonsense? If the man organizes a show at the stadium, how much does the stadium cost? Was it free? No!

“All they fear is when the church has money. Do you know the judgement prayer I pray for them? 2 Timothy chapter 1:6. You dare not touch God’s people. Don’t come around the church if you don’t like anything about the church. If we curse you, you can’t recover. Nigeria and other countries have been praying on Facebook and God has raised someone like this, it shows how God’s eyes in on this country,” he established.



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