March 27, 2023
Abronye DC (1)

Abronye DC (1)

National Democratic Congress (NDC) 2020 parliamentary candidate for the Nhyiaeso constituency, Evangelist Richard Kwamena Prah, says anybody who takes the Bono Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwame Baffoe popularly called Abronye DC seriously does so at his own peril.

The NDC man went further to suggest, Abronye himself resembles the words that come from his mouth.

The Bono Chairman, who is viewed by some as a firebrand politician, has had issues with the way and manner he communicates.

However some political analysts regard him as an uncouth communicator lacking the skills of the trade.

Mr. Prah’s comments about NPP man is as a result of the booing of Nana Addo last weekend at the global citizen’s festival, whereby Abronye suggested, Mahama rather deserves booing but not a working president like Nana Addo.

He is of the view that similar booing and much more demeaning chants and attacks were organized by Abronye of the NPP, while Former President Mahama was on foreign trips.

‘‘We must all be sincere to ourselves travelled somewhere during his era outside Ghana, and some Ghanaians organized by Aboapapu and Hopeson Adorye not only to boo John Dramani Mahama, but they called him a thief many times , ‘obi manso’ , the whites were there watching on and they called president Mahama a thief’’

‘‘Mahama is a thief, Mahama is a thief, they did that, these are Ghanaians, who are supposed to be raised and brought up in homes, which have elders’’

‘‘President Mahama one time came to the Ashanti region, central market, and the women booed and insulted John Dramani Mahama, during the funeral of the late Asantehemaa. President Mahama came and at Manhyia people were there organized by these NPP, booed President Mahama, some insulted him’’ he noted.

‘‘Now the question I ask, is President Mahama not a human being?’’

‘‘Is he not from a family? Doesn’t he have a wife and kids?  What was his crime to serve Ghana?’’

‘‘Listen to Abronye…Abronye I have always maintained looks like the words that come from his mouth, there is no difference in it, if there is anyone you have to boo , it is Mahama and not Akufo Addo, Abronye’’ he said.

He says anybody claiming the booing of President Nana is a mark of disrespect, must come again, since similar things and worse were directed at Mahama but no one spoke against it.

‘‘When Bawumia was calling Mahama, incompetent Mahama, incompetent Mahama what was he doing?’’

‘‘Nobody should be telling us that, history is there for us all to see’’

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