March 22, 2023
2023 resolu


The yuletide is over. Resolutions usually characterize the beginning of the year. People write a number of things they intend to do throughout the year.

The goals revolve around spiritual, physical, social, mental, and financial areas. Christians present a tall list of expectations before the Lord at 31st watch night services and hope to have a great year.

One of the things that, people do is to verbally announce their goals without making the effort to pen anything down. This results in the goals not being achieved. It is in this vein that, the Good Book emphasizes the essence of writing a vision down and making it plain, so you can run with it.

I acknowledge the fact that, quite a number of people do not have the knack for writing.

However, I think things that matter to you, should be treated very deliberately, especially through writing.

For change to occur, deliberate effort must be applied. As we seek to improve our lives this year, we have to go the extra mile. Making change a nine-day wonder and reverting to the old lifestyle will not inure to any benefit.

The first week of January is about to end, but maybe you have not started anything to improve upon your goals. There is still enough time to do so. Just start else the likelihood for you to revert will be so high. Take a keen interest in attending self-improvement seminars and practising the things you hear. Get a neutral accountability partner who will critique your progress.

As you do that, you also get your goals pasted at easy-to-see places, so it serves as a daily reminder. Give positive self-confessions and trust the process to get you the results you need.

I am not a prophet, but I definitely believe that, this year will be yours if you are consistent with the things, you set your heart to do.

Let’s journey together, bringing you issues of concern from all angles and giving pep talks from time to time.

Happy new year my cherished readers!


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